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The Right Sales and Distribution Network for Your Business.

 We are focused on the Human Resources requirement to so that organizations can focus on developing their business.

  • Develop industry specific sales resources.
  • Training and development resources.
  • Providing access to a network of 4000 sales representatives.
  • Facilitating the distribution.


Be the leader in training and sourcing qualified independent sales agents to any industry in East Africa to be able to immediately, upon joining the team, make a measurable impact in acquired sales.


Assisting emerging companies to achieve their customer acquisition and business growth goals.

Helping Ethiopian youths to develop their entrepreneurial skills in order to run their own business on our Digital Platform.



About Us

We do customer acquisition better

We do customer acquisition better because:

  • We have a large (4000+) network of trained sales agents who can transcend industries and hit the ground running upon onboarding.
  • We have improved the sales functionality of over 380+ businesses by implementing our sales strategy and imbedding our sales culture into these businesses.
  • We have 30 permanent employees who focus on recruitment and training.
  • We have strong leadership who have spent many years in the sales and customer acquisition space
  • We are transparent and efficient.
  • We maintain confidentiality of our clients at all times.
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Clients - Distribute everywhere

Want to start your own company, as never been so easy , contact us now!

Want to start your own business? It has never been this easy. Contact us today to learn more. As an independent sales agent, you can now work from your preferred location and control your work hours. 

Challenges and Solution


  • Few organized sales distribution companies
  • Lengthy, and often unsuccessful hiring cycles due to missing skillsets.
  • Inability to monitor sales and optimizing sales strategies using available data.
  • Unable to reach the unemployed population.


  • Providing a nationwide, trained sales and distribution network
  • Immediate upgrade to your sales and customer acquisition team.
  • Plug and sell.
Our Services

The services that we offer

Besingularity Sales Engagement platform gives your sales team the tools they need to engage, qualify and close the sale — all in one place. Simple.

How, When, Where

How, When, Where

Each Business is unique as well as its services and products, a special attention should be provided to where to sale, when to sale and how to sale to make sales in accordance with your ambitions

Sales Tech. Services

Sales Tech. Services

By providing you access to our sales network : Sales representatives, Databases, Digital sales channels, e-commerce, call centres, SEO and so much more we implement the right value chain to sale your products from visibility, ease of order and fast delivering.

Rewrite the Future

Rewrite the Future

We believe in equipping your business with the best sales tools to be able to increase significantly your sales! We do not only change your present but also help you to shape the future of your organization.

Clients Feedback

What other Businesses say

Sales is no more our challenge , we can now focus on our factory and maintaining our solar devices in the field.

    Elias Tesfaye

    Power Solar

    We never liked the idea of outsourcing. We have given it a trial and it was one of our best decisions.

      Alemayo Tesfaye

      Rock Event

      Sales have always been our biggest challenge, today it is nearly predictable.

        Mahdi Saleh

        How We Work ?

        Reaching customers wherever they are


        In-store marketing initiatives at leading retailers and consumer events drive sales and generate quality leads on behalf of clients.


        Convenient, in-person visits to customers' homes generate incremental sales for our clients, reaching the customers that other marketing tactics miss.


        Customer acquisition programs aimed at small and medium-sized businesses match client products and solutions to customers' unique needs.

        Learn From Customer Feedback

        Collect and Analyse Datas, always understand the perception of your products from the market.

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        Dedicated permanent staff

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        Sales rep. agents nationwide

        0 Days

        45 Days to improve significantly your sales.

        If You Need Help, Get A Consultation

        Awarded by the African Youth Summit 2022.

        Ready for partnership

        We increase your sales by providing you, the most advanced tools to make your sales our success.

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