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Take the First Step on Your Journey to Become an independent agent of BeSingularity Sales Network.

Live changing opportunity

BeSingularity can meet you wherever you are on your education journey. Whether you’re looking to finish your high school diploma, master English language skills, or earn your college degree,  BeSingularity can help you plan for success with education programs and providing you access through its digital platform to more than  1500 suppliers and start distributing in your community products as diverse as Soap, Food, electronics as well as helping your community to sale its products nationwide.

Registration, training and be coached on the BeSingularity Sales & Distribution network is free and you should start making money in the next 48 hours, you can also apply for micro loans to BeSingularity’s partner financial institution to reinforce the working capital of your personal Business.


The #1 Ethiopian Platform to be self-employed - Start making income day one

As an Online sales force agent you can work from Home and organize your working hours.

Be trained

Benefit from our training program to develop your soft sales skills

Get coached

A dedicated coach will follow up your progress and will support you at every step of the Journey.

Practical advanced sales techniques

From basic to advance sales techniques you will get a practical training to help you to be a perfect sales agent.

Open your Bank account

BeSingularity will facilitate you to open your own digital Bank account in one of its partner Banks.

Access your Agent Sales Wallet

Your digital sales wallet will now allow you to sale more than 7 000 different articles and fully benefit from our commission system.

Start making money

For any sales made to your community you will be rewarded , you can now start earning at your own pace and serve the people around you. Welcome to the BeSingularity family.

Get trained

Get trained

Reinforce your skills and be certified to be ready for your new opportunity.

Generate incomes

Generate incomes

You are now self-employed and start making your own money,

Be Supported

Be Supported

Our support center will always be available freely for you.

Diversity and Inclusion

BeSingularity is potentially creating more economic impact for diverse people than any other company in Ethiopia. Our belief is rooted in “Leverage individuals via Digitalization”, a bold and seismic value proposition where EVERYONE feels he can now be part of the global economy without having to be far from home

Are you the right candidate?

Are you the right candidate?

Anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset often prevails . You must have an independent vs . dependent mindset . If you are in a job that you are constantly thinking you could have done better than the boss and events bear you out , you could be a good candidate .

Requirements to  be fulfilled?

Requirements to be fulfilled?

You must be an Ethiopian resident , be 18 years hold and plus, no criminal past, determinated to learn how to improve your sales skills..
More important you want to be successfull, enjoy your freedom and willing to operate your own Business.

Necessary level of Investment?

Necessary level of Investment?

Joining the BeSingularity Network is free, but has in any Business you need to invest in your working tools. Owning a Smart Phone will be mandatory has most of the sales operationx will need it (ordering, commission payments, access to working capital, etc.)