In 2021 and 2022 BeSingularity have signed significant agreements with the most advanced institutions in the Ethiopian Digital space:

In 2021 and 2022 BeSingularity have signed significant agreements with the most advanced institutions in the Ethiopian Digital space:

. BelCash the oldest and most innovative Fintech in Ethiopia
. HelloMarket the first full-fledge eCommerce platform
. TaskMoby the first digital platform matching skilled workers with the Ethiopian market
. HelloSolar the first PAYG Solar home systems providing light to more than 60 000 farmers off-grid

Last but not least Ethio-score and One Microfinance two new comers being the perfect partner to work on a scoring card for the sales industry allowing the independent sales force to benefit none collateralized working capital.

Note that this journey would not have been possible without the support of Palladium, SNV and mainly the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration, their active support as strongly impact BeSingularity in its structuration and its growth.

Beza Ayelew

Main partnership

Strategic partners


OneMfi is our partner Financial institution , as the first fully digital bank in Ethiopia it is out leading partner in the Financial space. OneMfi is providing on a regular loans working capital to the BeSingularity Network Members.


BelCash payment platform made its reputation by providing advanced Banking features allowing the deployment of Agency Banking, Online Banking or full Digital Banking (including savings, microloans, mezzo loans, etc. ).

ethioscore 3


EthioScore is the first scoring platform in Ethiopia providing scoring based on Financial and Alternative Data's.

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Helloomarket is the first full fledge eCommerce platform in Ethiopia more than 1500 suppliers are selling on a regular bases their goods on the platform all over Ethiopia.

Development partners

Min. Labor & Skills

Coordinate and Support the Job creation efforts of Federal and Regional public institutions, private sector actors and development partners.


With teams on the ground in over 90 countries, Palladium clients rely on us to bring local knowledge, unparalleled technical expertise, and an impact-focused precision to bear on their most complex projects.


SNV make a lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty, helping them raise incomes and access basic services. Driven by the Sustainable Development Goals.


CARE works in over 100 countries, reaching more than 90 million people through 1,300 projects.

Business partners


SOS Children's Villages is the world's largest organization focused on ensuring that children and young people without parental care.


Mogzit in-home care is a nanny service that link professional nannies to parents/guardians. Leveraging technology, we provide clients with flexible options and an easy and seamless process for accessing rigorously vetted nannies.

Max Bridge

Maxbridge is dedicated to be a leading organization in providing education, training and consultancy programs to students and professionals of diverse backgrounds on financial and business sectors, among others, in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

251 Communications

251 Communications manage its international clients' communications and branding needs in the Ethiopian market, both within Ethiopia and in the 1-million-strong Ethiopian-American market.


Dereja is dedicated to supporting the over 200,000 fresh graduates entering the labor force in starting their career on the right path.

Easy Ride

Easy ride make movement of people in Ethiopia quick, safe and convenient. continuously improving the app and introducing new features to provide an even better ride sharing and ride-pooling experience.

Canal Plus

Canal+ is a media company that operates in the entertainment and sports broadcasting industry. The company offers streaming services for a variety of content, including films, series, sports, and original creations. It primarily caters to the entertainment and sports broadcasting industry.


DStv offers a wide range of packages to suit your needs. Get the best in sport, latest international movies, series, reality shows, kids, entertainment, lifestyle and news.

BeU Delivery

The food you want, where you want it. The best restaurants in town and the fastest delivery guys eagerly waiting to serve you! All with a click of a button.


Amigos provides different types of savings accounts to meet the financial needs of its customers. Amigos SACCO encourage its members to save regularly and to set achievable savings goals.

Amplify ET

Amplify Et provide services include market re­search, brand positioning, complete BTL campaign, training and development, media plan


We are a company constantly striving to deliver a unique and high quality botteled water to our country and abroad.


Taskmoby is an Ethiopian digital marketplace that connects people with home service professionals such as cleaners, plumbers, and electricians. It is quick, high-quality, hassle-free, and cost-effective


HelloSolar is the leading PAYG solar company in Ethiopia with more than 60 000 beneficiaries all over the country. Providing Solar Home Kits is there main activity.


Technostyle is a privately owned business that deals in the furniture manufacturing and distribution in Ethiopia. The business handles Office Furniture, Home & Hotel Furniture, Hospital Furniture, Foam, Mattresses, and Projects.


“arki” mineral water is a unique product brought to you by SBG Industry PLC.


Multichoice entertain, inform and empower African communities that inspire and build us in return.

Shared Initiatives


With your smart mobile solar kiosk you provide; Bank services, goods via our eCommerce platform, connectivity (Internet, WIFI, Sim Cards, airtime, phones, etc.). Distribute movies, music, etc.


BelAcademy is an initiative allowing young IT developer to access training on the public API of BelCash and to reinforce their platform via unique payment features.